Thanks folks.

I opened up the back of the FE and saw a very small bit of clear 'gunk' on the blades. I wiped it down with my microfiber cloth and now it seems to fire correctly. I don't know what it was. I thought it might be oil but it had the consistency of water. Anyway, not sure if I want to put a roll through it just yet, but may have a service guy take a look at it.

I was thinking of getting a Nikkormat FT3 but I'm having a great time with my OM1, which is working perfectly. Only problem with the OM is the hearing aid battery doesn't sit in the pot correctly so the light meter does a funky dance and then quits. Looking into the back of the OM, it seems the shutter system on the Olympus is less complicated than the Nikon, and perhaps it is less prone to failure. I don't know. Seems a gamble with any 30 yr old camera.

I noticed the black nikons sell for more than the silver. Was black considered 'professional' back in the day?