The way I look at this, there will either be a sufficient market for still image film in the future or there won't.

Demand will never be zero, but the question is whether there will be any supply available at a price that the market is willing to pay. Ilford seems to have answered that question WRT B&W. That's encouraging.

What about color? If the motion picture industry sales go away completely, is there enough of a market left to support color film manufacturing? What is the critical price point? Would the market tolerate $15/roll for 120 film? Could film be profitably manufactured at such a price at the quantities the future will demand?

I certainly don't know, but I'm guessing that someone does. Or at least some people are willing to take a crack at it.

The problem I see with Kodak is that everything about the company is set up to be 'big', but the future for this market is 'small'. Very small (at least relative to what Kodak used to be). Culture is a very persistent thing. As I said earlier in this thread, big companies are not gracefully converted into small companies. Its one of the hardest things to do.