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Only problem with the OM is the hearing aid battery doesn't sit in the pot correctly so the light meter does a funky dance and then quits. Looking into the back of the OM, it seems the shutter system on the Olympus is less complicated than the Nikon, and perhaps it is less prone to failure. I don't know. Seems a gamble with any 30 yr old camera.
For the battery problem

- you can try and locate the hearing aid battery better with a ring of plastic...
- or remove the base plate and solder in a Shockley diode to reduce a silver cells 1.5V to close to the 1.3V of the Mercury cell the meter was calibrated for, the silver cells hold their voltage sensibly constant like mercury cells used to.
- buy an ready made adapter incorporating a diode to allow a silver cell to be used.

The OM1 used a copy of the Leica fabric shutter most of the good repair people can repair them.