I expressed similar concerns in another thread about kodak and film and I mentioned the 2015 MP contracts and basically nothing is known about it and the UK plan that owns still film marketing of Kodak.
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The problem I see with Kodak is that everything about the company is set up to be 'big', but the future for this market is 'small'. Very small (at least relative to what Kodak used to be). Culture is a very persistent thing. As I said earlier in this thread, big companies are not gracefully converted into small companies. Its one of the hardest things to do.
Again, the industry has set this 2015 mark which I understand as a date for almost total conversion.

I realised that Kodak is the sole producer (well, they dominate the MP market) that depends mostly on MP film and how still film is "subsidized" by it. But given after 2015 MP demand will be rolling off and declining and all that EK has is that huge building 38 machine... As told by many here, unsustainable for small capacity manufacture. Well, there are other coating applications but are they relevant enough?

The other day, on their main page I saw one of their industrial printing banners. Seems odd. As of becoming smaller, in the coating department, they could change that huge machine for something small, but I would take that as a really wild and impossible thing.

Fuji is down to 5 emulsions (!) and no MP manufacturing. Perhaps OT but what is known about them? Production facilities et al; ie, their production capacity and intentions. We've got PE who gives us information about EK but little is known (at least it's my perception of it) about Fuji.
My perception of Fuji is that it's reeeallly far away out there.