Nothing has changed in principle, just in cultural intensity. It used to be that every time you opened a Natl Geographic there was an ad there
for the very latest Canon or Nikon with all the silly automated bells and whistles that a person just had to buy to take effective film pictures.
The consumer electronics industry still operates on the same propaganda basis. ... but nowadays if you give your kid a kitten or puppy for
Christmas instead of some two thousand dollar blipping beeping electronic toy, social services will probably take your kid away and charge
you for cruelty. Gotta have, just gotta have it.... Heck... we've been given at least four big TV's as hand-me-downs in the last two year by
people who just had to have something even bigger. None of them worked very long anyway... just like all these other consumer gadgets. Gotta keep the idiots spending if the techies want to keep their own jobs .... but for non-ergonomics and sheer junkiness, it would be hard
to surpass the present generation of consumer cameras... about the only truly tangible thing they gave you was an owner's manual as thick
as a phone book.... now they put even that on disc or online .... and it takes about a month of reading to learn how many functions you need to turn off before you can actually take a picture. But do people even know how to read anymore?