Depends on what you mean by warming. And not all films are the same. You've also potentially got secondary issues like UV sensitivity. But
in generic rather than specific application terms, a skylight filter is typically a very pale salmon color (magenta with a tad of yellow), and a
properly made 81A warming filter is slightly amber with a pinch of pink, rather than yellow per se. This increases in intensity as you go up the
scale of the 81 series. A good filter manufacturer will test results with various specific films before advertising their recommendation. You should also do specific tests if you want optimum results. CC filters are really for a different range of applications. If you can find a copy of the old Kodak filter guidebook with all the specific spectrograms and descriptions in it, it is a very valuable resource into traditional filters.
Some of these newer multicoated filters are best learned from reputable manufacturer's site published information. But in the long run, you
just need to test under relevant conditions.