For enlarging purposes, a well-made roll-film holder is going to keep the film plane more precise than a tiny sheet film holder. Focus is fussier
as the format size diminishes - a lot less forgiving than when shooting 4x5. But I emphasize, well-made, when it comes to the choice of holder
itself. The camera also needs esp precise seating for the relevant holder. And with roll film you have the advantage of a wide selection of films and ease of loading. Regarding folders versus non-folder and monorails. ... folders are slower to use, simply because you have to unfold them and attach the lens etc. With a monorail you can leave a darkcloth on, even a favorite lens if needed. Some technical cameras will allow you keep keep a very small lens attached. But folders are generally more compact for travel. Another advantage to certain monorail
system is that if you need more bellows extension for a longer focal length, you simply add an extra rail section. I'm a long-lens addict myself.
Camera like 2x3 non-folding Ebonys are oriented more to wide-angle architectural work, and typically come equipped with a bag bellows.