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Uuh, sounds cool! Take pictures of what you see on the ground glass! I am intrigued to try this when I get my Graphic. I already have a Box of Many Lenses aka a shoebox full of optical goodies I have scavenged over the years.
Ok, here are some test shots, due to the dim light levels due to the time of day the camera taking the shots (Sony NEX-3 with a 35mm f1.7) was having a few issues with shutter speed (I always keep the ISO low).

Here are a few shots anyway so you will get the idea, be aware that this is on the ground glass and looks clearer when looking at it:

The 7 dioptre lens (3 element) (142mm)

11 dioptre lens (2 element) (90mm)

14 dioptre lens (2 element) (71mm lens)

You can see that due to the fact I have to pull the bellows a long way back to focus for the 11 and 14 dioptre lens combos the rails are in view - pretty cool to see though lol but my DIY camera won't have anything sticking forward of the lens.