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Fuji is down to 5 [10?] emulsions (!) and no MP manufacturing.
As I said, UK-Kodak needs to get off their butts and get going, or they are going to lose out to someone else who did. It's gotten so bad that almost no one still knows that Kodak even makes film anymore. Wait much longer and no one will know that Kodak itself even exists anymore.

By then everyone will be loading the reengineered—and easily available from multiple other distribution sources—Ferrania C-41 and/or E-6 color films into their roll cameras and film holders. They will have discovered that "Hey... Guess what? This stuff isn't so bad after all..."

They will also have learned to live with any minor quality-control issues just fine. If it's an especially important photograph, they will simply push the button twice or flip the holder over for insurance. Just like St. Ansel, Uncle Earl, and everyone else did for decades. No big deal.

The Kodak-brand mindshare will just continue fading into the dim past...