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More than likely, you somehow botched the developer. I say this because fixer is pretty hard to mess up. About the only other possibility is that you are somehow fogging the film during development.
Yes—we just ascertained that later on in the thread. Foc, rudeofus, RPC, and clayne suspected that I may have overdeveloped them; and rudeofus noticed that I developed them in replenisher instead of tank solution. Flexicolor SM is nice in that it doesn't need starters, but Kodak never published ratios for mixing tank solutions, just replenishers. I just assumed they were the same for this particular chemistry. They are not the same.

You're right about the test strip. I won't bother with it until I develop negs that look like they're in the ballpark.

I just tested the fixer as you suggested, and the fixer is just fine.

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So, where do you stand now. Have you determined whether you used developer or replenisher, and whether it was mixed properly?
Yes. I most certainly used replenisher instead of tank solution, and that caused overdevelopment. Now that I have the right instructions, I'm sure I'll get some measure of success next time.