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That would be the wisest! I'll wait until I have some cash and do the same - a few matched achromats, few different achromats, some meniscuses and so on. I heard something about getting to use a 3D printer and maybe even a CNC machining center in the university if I behave good enough, so that solves the issue of barrels for me.

I wish you good luck on your endeavors! Keep us posted with the results!
We have a 3D printer at work, but I don't think I will need to use it, I will look at using some basic off the shelf parts that are cheap and keep it well within the low cost option, I am thinking about using some plumbing parts example being perhaps some plastic pipe or copper pipework. Also if I were to need to focus differently I could perhaps use a threaded pipe and pipe cap and use the screwthread as a focusing ring. The plan is to make a simple sliding box camera initially as it would be easy to make and setup.