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Isn't it 10? Or have I missed another few cuts?
Sorry, I was thinking about the Professional films based on the packaging redesign they did. Kinda jumped too fast. Also, due to the multiple discontinuations lately I lost the count...
They redesigned the packaging of Acros, Provia and Velvia (50/100) and 400H. Pro 160NS (?) is rather lost around, I thought it became unavailable or perhaps only limited to some markets.
So it's 11 emulsions: 5 consumer C41; 3 Reversal E6, and 2 C41 Pro films & 1 B&W. As of instant, there is at least Wide instax and mini instax. Not that bad, if they can keep going as they are now.

Kodak is 2 Consumer C41 (Gold 200/400), 4 Pro C41, 3-5* B&W and no reversal.
*BW400CN and 320TXP which are available in limited formats.

Indeed Ken!
The power of Kodak's brand has rusted a bit but it's still important; or it can be again if they promoted it again. Somehow consumers think film is gone and I don't know how they imagined it, probably by not seeing it anymore; and some heavy discontinuations that were misleading ("No more kodachrome! That's no more film, right?"). But KODAK is Film, and film is Kodak; from a certain branding point of view.
I travelled to SE Asia (Philippines) 3 years ago and a name and verb for photographing and cameras is "Kodak". Just as it was used to "xerox" (they still use it too).

As of market position I'd not put much energy into convincing the layman consumer of the benefits of shooting film but just tell "film is there". Set awareness of the brand, getting more or less known; But of course, catering the advanced amateur, enthusiast and professionals. Seek to convert some digital photographers by presenting this alternative, which they can use along too. Explore "alternative" distribution channels, etc.
Yep, they should start moving soon.

As of Ferrania, if they did the same noise as the TIP guys did a while ago... Though it's a bit early and Nicola must be busy with the process.