Just depends how critical your standards are. If you wear a cotton shirt in the darkroom, you have a lint problem! Just look how anyone in a
real cleanroom is dressed. At the Bayer plant down the corner the floors are stainless steel and steam-cleaned prior to every batch run. Once
you're suited up you can't even take a bathroom break. The inspector comes in wearing a new white glove and runs it around the inside perimeter of the exhaust hood. If the glove shows any dirt or discoloration, you're fired! We darkroom workers have it easy by those standards. But we can copy certain practical solutions from cleanroom industries, like controlling dust and static. Yeah, I can still remember when I put up my first exhibition from color work enlarged in a carpeted bedroom and developed in an adjacent bathroom, but it's a helluva lot eaiser to do it in digs with enameled walls, triple-filtered air lines, a big industrial air cleaner, and a true HEPA vac system (which bears little resemblance to those cheap phony HEPA vacs you can get at home centers). Every little bit helps. I especially like my 100% dacron cleanroom smock. It's washable, but has none of the lint of a cotton lab coat.