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I tend to prefer normal exposure from the ambient light, supplemented by flash that is one stop under-exposed.
Just to be clear, you mean that natural ambient light exposure be one stop underexposed and flash light on subject be normal exposure correct?

I might be over complicating things a little, but I'm try to get the concept right in my head.

Does the natural light and flash light have an additive function? Meaning if I do a normal exposure on a subject with ambient light and during this exposure add a normal flash exposure. My subject would then be a Full stop overexposed right (ambient + flash).

So underexposing by one stop and flashing normal would equal a half stop over exposure of the subject correct? Subject would get half the light it needs from ambient light and all the light it needs from the flash.
I know the half stop over exposure is tolerable. I just want to know if my rationale pans out..