I received a few more lovely cards this week

Matt King - "Pump House Graffiti" nicely printed card I like the tone you have achieved in the developer / selenium combo with this paper.

Anikin - "Korean Style" - cool guys but like you said I wouldn't want to mess with them! really nice printing.

Mooseontheloose - "Haew Suwat Waterfalls" the location of your image is amazing and makes me want to go there. Your card highlights one of the things I love about this exchange, its a window on a part of the world I may have otherwise never seen. thankyou.

"Morning Ride" - Im not sure who the photographer of this image is? but the print has a lovely mood. I wish we had streets like this in Australia!

Jacco de Kraker - YAY a cyanotype! you have me interested is the paper pre cut postcard material made by fabriano? thank you for going to the lengths of making an alternate print.

Steelbar - "The Boat Building Shed" - nice image is that railway track in the wooden floor? and is this a small door in a larger door?