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Guide to Photographic Paper Surfaces Characteristics, Kit Funderburk
I've only had a quick flick, but it looks like it may be useful in identifying many of the early Kodak papers.

winger: I'd suggest looking at the single weight Kodak Bromide papers - They did some rough, matte, and glossy surfaces that may match what you have.
Thanks for the plug. There is a first addition in print form. There is also a second edition available at www.notesonphotographics.org which I would recommend instead of the print addition. It is available on the site as an interactive document plus as a pdf which can be printed in book format.

There is another post here that my book is only about Kodak papers. That is correct in the specific. However, there are some things that are similar in the industry. Regarding papers that could be folded without cracking, the Kodak papers that were advertised for folding were indeed lightweight but the key was that there was no baryta coating -- that is what cracked. Other manufactures used this same process for folding papers.