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I agree with you. Difficult to do though. Most companies in the industry come from the old days, have huge overcapacities and hope for their competitor to exit soon so they can take over his market share. I do not agree with this. I think we can actually start increasing the level of sales again with a campaign like you mentioned and gain additional business. But most decision makers in the industry are not exactly young and interested in what´s happening 5 years from now....

Rodinal, Adonal, and the other clones? I'l bet they all do a great job! Too Much fun!

I remember the old original highly concentrated Agfa Rodinal of the 1970's, It came in a small tiny brown bottle, Dexter's of Ventura, California was kind enough to supply you with a hypodermic syringe to accurately measure out a correct "Dose" for developing, some of my friends jokingly thought I was "Shooting" this stuff up!

I still use a hypodermic syringe for measuring today's current crop of "Rodinals"