Not sure if any other APUGgers are interested in older Mac and Apple II computers, but, got some stuff that I'd like to get rid of, so I can completely fund the F3P overhaul.

1) Macintosh SE. Is the later SuperDrive version with the 1.4MB 3.5" floppy drive. Has a 40MB hard drive with System 7.1 installed. There is an Asanté ethernet card installed as well. PRAM battery was replaced last fall with a new one. Comes with keyboard and mouse. Case does have some yellowing, as per usual, but no major scratches, cracks, or dents, etc. $50, obo

2) Macintosh 512Ke. Works fine. Comes with keyboard and mouse. Machine was built out of a couple computers. Bucket and motherboard were Mac 128K parts originally, chassis, CRT, and analog board are from an unenhanced 512K. ROM chips have been replaced with the enhanced versions for compatibility with 800KB floppy disks. Same with the floppy drive. $60.00

3) Original Apple II motherboard - needs ROM sockets replaced, and good ROM chips sourced. Has 48KB of RAM on it. $30.00

4) Apple II case with lid and early style keyboard - keyboard is an unknown quantity, but all keys are there and it has the early style "POWER" light that looks like another key. Lid looks good and has the correct badge, instead of the later "apple ][ plus" badge. $25.00

5) PowerMac G4 Mirrored Drive Doors machine. 2GB of RAM, 40GB hard drive. Comes with DVD-RW drive and an ATI Radeon 9700 video card. Is running OS X 10.4.11. Firewire 400, so it can run OS 9. Also has a 1 GHz processor. $40.00

Would rather not ship, but am willing to drive as far south as Corvallis, Oregon, if needed. So, pretty much a 200-225 mile radius. Just will need to have a tank of gas for the trip home.

I will have photos of the remaining computer items later this weekend.