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Ciba keeps rather poorly if not stored cold - highlights start to crossover in a matter of months. I don't really know just how long it is stable frozen. Guess I'll find out when I finally thaw my last box. Somebody like Chris Burkett who still makes his living with this might know - he's certainly gambling on it staying good awhile.
Well then mine is certainly no good at all... it came to me by chance when someone offered me a cheap enlarger for free, I said sure, it was REALLY cheap, I shortly after got a nice D2 but anyway the box had some ciba chem measure cups and a book on ciba and then a package of 8x10 paper (with some Kodak RC paper too that was WAY old I'm sure none of it is any good)... I figured it was no good... but wanted to ask, this confirms it, maybe I'll sell it on ebay (honestly of course) some Lomo person will want it for experiments or something.