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Rodinal, Adonal, and the other clones? I'l bet they all do a great job! Too Much fun!

I remember the old original highly concentrated Agfa Rodinal of the 1970's, It came in a small tiny brown bottle, Dexter's of Ventura, California was kind enough to supply you with a hypodermic syringe to accurately measure out a correct "Dose" for developing, some of my friends jokingly thought I was "Shooting" this stuff up!

I still use a hypodermic syringe for measuring today's current crop of "Rodinals"
I use an cheap plastic scoop that came in my protein powder bottle, it's marked in increments of 10, 20, 30, etc to 60cc's(ml) so it's perfect, I stopped using syringes as they are too hard to clean and dry, and this little cup does really well haha

Also, so there was an even HIGHER concentration of Rodinal than today's version, are you sure?

I know in some markets/countries they have a lesser concentration but that is just because of some law about limits on chems. Also, it does make a difference, some of the clones don't have the same shelf life of official Rodinal (Adonal) and "go off" faster. So better to stick to the official one.