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Original RZ Pro 'AE Prism Finder'
Can not be used on RZ Pro II, unless modified.

RZ Pro II, 'AE Prism Finder II'
The Prism II will work on either original RZ Pro or Pro II bodies, no modification needed.

RZ Pro (only) 'PD Metering (non AE) Prism Finder'
Will not work with Pro II RZ bodies, not modifiable for use with Pro II.

RZ/RB Non metering prism 'Model 2'

RB (only) 'PD Metering (non AE) Prism Finder'

Sometimes there is nomenclature confusion between 'Prism Finder II' and 'Model 2' Prism finders.
Prism finder 'II' is an AE finder for RZ Pro and Pro II model cameras.
Model '2' Prism finders are non-metered and can be used on both RB and RZ.

Thanks, I'm still a little confused, all I know is this attaches fine to my RZ Pro II and the meter lights up but does not function properly because it's not meant to go on this model, but it does physically attach for use as a viewfinder, which is what the other poster said he wanted, a non-metered finder.

Also, as I mentioned, If the meter doesn't work on the proper model (according to above the RZ Pro ONLY) and the buyer wants to return it, I'll accept that.