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Ebay has the best return policy in the world regardless of what any seller might claim or write in his item description - if you dont like it - send it back, your refund is always guaranteed by Ebay, regardless of what a seller might say or claim.... There is not an easier way to return things in the world .
The official eBay guidance follows. It is not quite as Shangri-La.

Do I have to accept returns?
No, but you do have to specify a return policy. You may specify that you do not accept returns by setting your policy to “No returns accepted.” If you accept returns, you’re required to accept returns for any reason, including when buyers change their minds.

We encourage you to accept returns to attract more buyers and increase the likelihood of selling your items. All sellers should familiarize themselves with the terms of the eBay Buyer Protection Policy, which offers buyers certain protections if an item is not as described or not received.