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Ironic since you're shooting 18x24 which in itself is inherently expensive haha.

What about 20x24 cut down the 2 inches your self? or find a way to modify the holder attachment to accept 20x24 size film holders and just center it? Or am I insane?
The camera can't be modified to accepting larger formats (at least not by me). It's a russian FLD plate camera.
camera-FKD-13x18-group.jpg camera-FKD-18x24-005.jpg camera-FKD-koffer.jpg
BTW: it is 18x24 centimeters, not inches (about 7.11x9.49 inches). Sheet film 8x10 inch doesn't fit and photographic paper is easily available in 18x24 cm. I have made successfully paper negatives on Ilford B&W paper, removing the back layer and making it transparent with linseed oil.

And I don't feel comfortable cutting down other sizes: too much waist and to difficult in total darkness?

Anyone experience with cutting? How do you do this (scissors, cutting machine, ...)