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travelwide90 with focussing mount?
(non-Super) Angulon /6.8, it can also mount other 90mm lenses.

Schneider Super Angulon 90mm /8
Nikkor SW 90mm /8
Fujinon SW 90mm /8
Caltar 90mm /8
Rodenstock Grandagon 90mm /6.8
Caltar 90mm /6.8
The 90 was designed for the 90mm Angulon in the sense that the weight of the camera balances with the tiny weight of the Angulon. The 90mm Super Angulon, and some of the other lenses are another story, being very heavy compared with the anticipated light body weight. So it depends on how you want to use the Travelwide, hand held or on a tripod and how that balances out. It is possibly no surprise that given the number of orders for the camera the 90mm Angulon (a very good lens anyway) is being snapped up on Ebay at the moment when six months ago they languished un-loved, sad and lonely.