Can't thank you guys enough for your help getting my darkroom set up for enlarging. I have almost everything set, and I'll be ready once my ENLARGER is ready to go.
That is the problem I bring to you today. My enlarger is refusing to cooperate.
It is brand-spanking-new, right out of the box, assembled no less than an hour ago. Everything is fine and dandy but the lamp is not turning on. I hear the hum of the head running, but the light is refusing to shine.
I am wondering if any of you have had an experience like this with the LPL 4550 XLG (dichro color head). It has been kept in storage for quite a long time, so I am partially suspecting it to be a lamp problem, but I was wondering if it might be something worse.

Some technical support would be much appreciated!

Yours, &c.,

Hawke Gihm