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The camera can't be modified to accepting larger formats (at least not by me). It's a russian FLD plate camera.
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BTW: it is 18x24 centimeters, not inches (about 7.11x9.49 inches). Sheet film 8x10 inch doesn't fit and photographic paper is easily available in 18x24 cm. I have made successfully paper negatives on Ilford B&W paper, removing the back layer and making it transparent with linseed oil.

And I don't feel comfortable cutting down other sizes: too much waist and to difficult in total darkness?

Anyone experience with cutting? How do you do this (scissors, cutting machine, ...)
I would do it like a fabric worker, get a board that clamps down, put film and a template on top of the film, then use a rolling cutter (similar to a pizza cutter but much sharper) and cut on the template line.

But I agree I don't like to do it either.

I thought it would be easier to modify the back of the camera, it looks pretty easy to do, takeof the back of the wood and put the hinge on an new extended hinge that goes over the new wider film holder.

But anyway, I would simply start using a different camera, sucks that you can't get the film, it does look like a really sweet camera to use

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