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That is literally true, but the playa dust will not be on my negatives. It's on the old Coleman stove sitting on the floor that I plan to clean off tomorrow. The full explanation is that my darkroom is not sealed and the air is not filtered. My standards are decidedly NOT critical. I work in black and white and consider dust a problem up until the negative is exposed. After that, dust becomes a white speck on the print that is easy to spot.
Bill you're a burning man guy? I never would have guessed! Cool.

I haven't been, but that's because I'm too broke haha, but I breathe and spin fire with a lot of those from the same community

Also, I live in a terribly dusty place, it's awful. But I agree it's more critical BEFORE the image is taken, but the best way to combat it is to add humidity to the room before you hang the film, it kills the dust flying around, this is easy for me since I hang film in my shower, so can steam it up first, I can't say what to do with a dedicated darkroom...

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