When I decided that I had to learn digital workflow or basically stop competing in a very competitive town I was in a position of basically **going back to school**
PS was a big hurdle to jump and yes master, The younger workers here grew up with computers, us old farts did not with some exceptions.

Saving grace was the designers of PS made a very wise decision to gather information from various genres of photography printmakers, designers, photographers, photocomp specialists and implemented the names and some of the functions of old school printmaking . IE the key beside the two brackets if used after applying a mask will pop up the red ruby which for folks like me is something that we used daily to blend images and for me in my personal search was helpful.

I remember Chris Jordan on Large Format mention LAB and its incredible abilitys for nuetralizing grey areas , this was over 7 years ago and it hit a nerve in my thinking and I followed his discussions which lead to Dan Margulis and his methodology... LAB for me was so intuitive it was like working on a enlarger with the two filters correcting colour and my learning curve skyrocketed by this simple research.

In 1980s I was a photocomp specialist working for a major Toronto Lab, we worked with our hands using multiple hit techniques to combine images, make contrast reducing/contrast increase/ Highlight protection masks/ colour correction masks/ emulsion stripping ect.
Once PS was introduced and digital printing all that skill set was redundant, yes you could manually do what the computer does, but in our working profession time is money and you know where we went. This did force me to reinvent the wheel and now my lab is completely digital with a wet darkroom attached. Sometimes it feels like the wet darkroom is a boil to be lanced as it is sitting there not being used, but financially every square foot has to be accounted for.

Fast forward to 2013 and surprise surprise/ the darkroom is still here, it no longer feels like a boil to be lanced but a lovely mole that accents not repels.
Why??? because we have found how to combine with advanced digital equipment, the logic and skill sets of the 80's that we learned with photocomp and mask making and now can combine current trends with old process.

This learning curve is what keeps me going, this is one of the reasons I am here, Yes on APUG I learn things that can help me digitally, and of course helps me with the combination of wet work and phase back pixels.
We are very lucky to have the internet, it has a lot of useless information, and useless opinions.. ( some may think this post is one)
But buried beneath all the babble are gems of info coming from so many directions that the new learning curve is sorting the bullshit from the real info.

QUOTE=Steve Smith;1531347]I think that is a talent.

One of my lecturers at college stated "true knowledge is not knowing the answers, it's knowing where to look for them".

He also said that anyone found copying someone elses work would be given extra marks for initiative!