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There's no doubt about it," you are what you own".
If I was what I ate, I would be a cheeseburger.

I love cameras. When I as young the best I could afford was a used FE. I began trading in cameras as I had a knack for repairing them (I learned jewelry and watch repair at my part-time job when I was in university). Trading in cameras allows me to finance my hobby, the list I posted shows the cameras I have now, but last year the list was different. Next year these will be gone, and I will have a new list. Each year I trade up a level, and get cameras which are more special. I have a couple literal "one-of-a-kinds" which I have taken a lot of time to restore.

I have shot with pretty much anything which holds film, and I enjoy them all. Today I was shooting with a Hello Kitty camera that cost me $1. In addition to the Hello Kitty camera, I was trying out a Nikkor SLR (oddball early Nikon F). "Best" is in the eye of the beholder, but as a repair person, and a collector of heavily used pro gear of all makes, I find Nikon to be the most sturdily built, and the most flexible. I also like the style of he early Nikon F and S cameras.