I have recently bought my very first analogue camera (a Konica C35 rangefinder). I'm an experienced digital photographer, but completely green when it comes to analogues cameras. Anyway, I took the camera for a spin and shot my first roll of film. However, when I had the pictures developed I only received 2 photos - the rest were blank. The two photos were in the X and 00 position (which I don't really know what means). Does anybody have an idea of what has gone wrong? Have I put in the film incorrectly? Or does it look like there's something wrong with the camera? I'm a bit puzzled as to why I got two pictures - which were the last two pictures I took before removing the roll. The only unusual thing I noticed when using the camera was that the film roll was for 24 pictures, but I kept being able to shoot after the 24 pictures were used.

Does anybody have an idea of what has gone wrong and how I can fix it?