Okay, I'm not sure what I wrote that made me deserve that kind of reply, David?

But, anyway, some more info.
- Yes I'm positive that I removed the lens cap for all shots.
- The camera is quite automatic, and the exposure of the two pictures I got were spot on, so it should be working.
- The lightmeter on the display move according to whether I point the camera at a light or dark area, so I'm guessing that the battery is also working - I put a new one in before testing the camera.

As I said, I have never before used an analogue camera, so my main concern is that I have put in the film in an incorrect way. I have obviosuly looked in the manual, but it is difficult to know if everything is set up properly once I close the back. However, what puzzles me is that I got two good pictures anyway, as if the film "fell into place". Does the numbers X and 00 have any specific meaning or could it just be something specific for my film roll? If they designate the two first frames of the film, then perhaps the film just wasn't properly in place before, thus the empty frames. If they designate the last two frames, then some mechanical error could have occured during the first 22 frames.

I'm not asking for a definite answer, but just input from more experienced users.