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Did the film just sit far too long on distributer's shelves?
This film is very old, both the Wittner and the Rollei films.
AviPhot Chrome 200 was coated at the former Agfa plant in Leverkusen / Germany, in 2005. All material now sold is at least 8 years old.
It has never been produced at the still running Agfa film factory in Mortsel / Belgium.
At the time when it was clear that the plant in Leverkusen will stop production, Mortsel ordered huge amounts of this film to be able to supply their aerial film customers for many years to come.
The film delivered by Agfa today is cool stored stock from their warehouse. There is no production of this film anymore. If the stock is depleted,well then....that's it. History.

To keep colour reversal film alive means buying Fuji (and AgfaPhoto CT Precisa) and, if this film really hit the market, the new Ferrania chrome film.

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