Ok, some interesting puzzles and clues here.

1) The two frames properly exposed were the last two he said he shot. (Not the first two)
2) The remaining frames are clear, not dark.
3) There are no completely dark frames other than the remains of the roll after the last good frame, under the id tape.
4) He was able to continue to wind past frame 24.

The Konica C35 automatic is both sophisticated and not. From what I can tell on the web, not having owned one, it is an inexpensively built (cost reduced most likely) camera from Konica, possibly outsourced to Cosina or other manufacturer. It has a manual film advance, and does have a rewind crank that can be observed.

I will take clue 1 at face value. Thus we assume he was able to advance the film.

Clue 2 indicates that while the film advanced, the shutter did not open. I trust he removed the lens cap and didn't take the first shots in his darkroom with the lights out.

Clue 3 indicates that the film did not stick on a frame and do 22 or more multiple exposures. There are no dark frames preceding the two good frames.

Clue 4 is a puzzle, but not one that should stop us in our tracks.

So, I mentioned the Konica is sophisticated. It appears to be a fully automatic camera. You don't get to control the exposure to any significant degree, other than setting the ISO. You don't get aperture priority, for example. If you can set the shutter speed at all, your choices are extremely limited (I'm unclear on exact shutter settings).

My diagnosis, based on being blindfolded and only touching part of the elephant, is this: The shutter is gummed up. After about 22 shots, it finally freed up enough to respond to the shutter button. He got two exposures, but whether they were proper or not is not clear, since he was shooting C-41 color with it's extreme tolerance for exposure error. Looking at the film he provided they look quite dark, telling me the shutter was moving slow.

I would say the camera is in need of a CLA. Why would it continue to wind and shoot after the last frame? I have no idea. It is designed as a point and shoot for unsophisticated photographers - maybe the winder allows this so that a naive consumer won't break the roll trying to force it to advance.

Here's another puzzle: He said it was a roll of 24 frames. This is confusing to me, I don't know of any readily available 24 frame C-41 film. But I could be wrong, maybe the Lomo folks offer that.

If this was in fact a roll of 36 frames, perhaps these shots were from the middle of the roll, the previous shots were severely over exposed (the clipped off black "leader"), and the blank frames are the frames he didn't shoot, thinking he was past the end of his 24 frame roll.

But why the frames are marked 0 and X reduce the odds of the above being the case.

In any case, if it is worth it, I would get a CLA done on the camera. But given that it is such a cheap little camera, it might not be worth it. Also, given that camera's limited functionality, I'd be going for something else anyway, like an Oly 35RD or equivalent, to allow for a little more control, with a faster lens.