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Grab bag! Somebody unloaded part of their darkroom on me, and I have a few small things available. The price is right on all of these, and if anybody wants the stuff, I will bring it this weekend.

Brumberger paper safe - an 8x10 papers safe with a roll-top door. It is about 10 inches tall and has several compartments.

Speed-E-Zels - 4x5, 5x7, and 8x10, all in dire need of cleaning, but they look usable

4-in-1 easel - this is a double sided thing that is 8x10 on one side, and 2x3 (?), 4x5, and 5x7 on the other. It is magnetic so the underside doesn't fall or drag around.

Magnasight grain focuser - has seen better days

GrayLab 525 timer with foot switch - this appears to be far and away the newest thing in the lot. Don't know if it works.

Let me know,

-- Mark
Thanks Mark for the generous offer.