It seems that my vision has taken me in the opposite direction of Les: I've gone from telling stories to solitude. When I work with people for portraits they are people I've known for years and have a very strong connection with. This change was also accompanied--maybe caused by--a move back home from one college to another due to medical reasons. These medical reasons keep me sedated much of the time and in pain if I'm not. The people I take portraits of know of my condition and the accompanying ticks and traits and look past them. But in these situations I do not try to suppress them and I just allow me to be myself and they usually follow suit and do the same. If I'm out photographing in a field no one gives a damn if my legs jerk as there isn't anyone out there to care.

But I figure this is just one stage in my photographic journey. As I'm not even of legal drinking age in the US I still have many years ahead of me in which my vision will change and mold and become "me."