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Agfa tell a different story.

And Aviphot films were never coated in Leverkusen.
Agfa Belgium made the Aviphot Chrome 200? I don't recall Leverkusen producing any films on a Polyester base?

Agfa Belgium seems to make just about all of their films on a polyester base but seems to have made a few films on acetate base like the Aviphot N400 colour negative film which seems to be sold by Maco/Rollei as their Maco Color TCS Eagle 400 ASA traffic surveilance film, this film has the orange mask like most C-41 films, Very nice film BTW, I don't think this film is produced anymore.

So. Agfa Leverkusen only made acetate based films? Agfa Belgium only makes polyester based films and a few acetate films in the past?

Usually a Polyester based film is a dead give away that Agfa Belgium made the film although there seem to be other manufacturer's films coated on Polyester base, I think ADOX has a film or two like that.

So, Where does the Aviphot Chrome 200 slide film originate from?