I've been wanting to get into Large format for years. I see it as a huge step forward in my usage and understanding of this all encompassing obsession I have called photography.

I know what type of camera I want (a monorail), the manufacturer at the moment doesn't bother me as long as it has all the movements.

What I am particularly concerned over is choosing a lens.

Unlike 35mm where there are myriads of choice and medium format where for the most part you stick with the lens of the system you choose, large format is to me to be the place where all the serious photographic work has been and continues to be done. I know I want a portrait lens and a Petzval lens would be perfect for that as I love that effect and that would cover my love of making people pictures.

But the main point of my post is what would be the best choice as a beginner to LF choose as a lens to get used to the larger format?

I know coming from the smaller realm that it will depend on what I'll mainly be shooting. There's going to be a lot of landscape and architecture but also product photography as well.

What could you good people point me in the direction of.