I can't/won't speak ill of any other system, as for the most part I've not used them, but I will laud the merits of the Contax G system. I absolutely LOVE my G2 setup. The autofocus is fast, even if not as quiet as a Leica. There is no other interchangeable lens rangefinder system that has the combination of manual and automated systems that the G series does - various auto-exposure options, motor drive, auto focus or manual focus, parallax compensating viewfinder. The best reason for the system, though, is the lenses. I have all the lenses made for it except the zoom and the 16mm. The 35mm is the weak link, but only by relative comparison to the other lenses in the system. Compared to anyone else's 35mm f2 lens, it is outstanding, but outstanding is mere mediocrity in the Contax G series. I think my all-time favorite lens in the lineup is the 21mm, which I used a LOT when traveling. I've been able to pull off a 1-second exposure hand-held with that setup, and actually sold prints of that negative.