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I'd love an M3 more than anything in the world photographically, haha. Too bad pretty much any Leica gear is out of possibility for me. I always seem to get lucky in that I either find a few neat things here and there at thrift stores (which sounds unlikely for Leica gear) or friends give me equipment (which also seems highly unlikely, heh).
you're always going to feel this way until you get a Leica. And when you finally do, it likely won't live up to your loftt expectations.

In my opinion, you should KEEP the FM2n, save up money for a Leica, and see if you're really okay with not having a 1/4000 top shutter speed, split-prism focusing screens, and really affordable and GOOD quality lenses. If you don't like you're Leica, you'll likely take very little, if any hit on reselling it. But the Nikon stuff will cost you a bit more to reacquire versus the prices you would sell them for.

I sold all of my Nikon primes, FE2 and FM2n for a Leica M3. I shouldn't have done that. I liked my leica, but it wasn't worth the money i put into it.

Looking back, I think Nikon FM2N + 40mm Ultron SLI + Nikkor 105mm f/2.5 is a great quality combination that would cost at least 3x more if you replicated this lens combination with a Leica M. And my pictures weren't 3x better with my CLA'd Leica M3 with 50mm Summarit f/1.5.