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It would be really cool if Kodak came out with printing paper that was designed for optical printing from ECN-2. Is that even possible?
Yes. Except for ecomics as this not merely means exchanging the base but the emulsion too, as we are know
speaking of reflected light viewing.

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Would there be a problem with releasing ECN film without rem-jet, for still camera use? I mean, Vision 500T looks like a super-badass film.
No. Except for economics... Though here it is a minor isue of leaving out just one step in coating.
Furthermore now there are other elements available to substitute the rem-jet layer, making removal of a layer obsolate.

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And everyone says that movie film sales prop up still film sales, well, why not standardize still film to motion picture film technology?
That would be motion picture print-films. Sales of motion picture films are decreasing too.

Melting both systems nevertheless could be a way to go. Be aware though that now both systems employ different contrast ratios for their materials.