Nobody pointed out the Zeiss Ikon ZM. People only seem to know Leica M. I own two and I am very, very happy with them. It is a classic rangefinder comparable to the Leica M7, but it has a much better viewfinder. It is much brighter, more precise, which is essentiel for 85 mm, and shows you roughly a 25 mm view. If you are wearing classes, it is even much better than the Leica finder. AND it is much cheaper than Leica, but a bit more expensive than Bessa. ZM and Bessa's are made in the same factory by the way in Japan. If you do not need the autofocus the Contax G2 offers, go for the Zeiss Ikon ZM. The precise focus is fun to use. It also has the Leica M bajonet, so a lot of choice for lenses.
Best wishes, Peter