I am thinking Agfa would want to do the production of the Aviphot Chrome 200 all in the same location seeing that all that highly specialized film production equipment and staff were already set up in Leverkusen to produce the RSXII 200 Dia film.

It would not make a whole lot of sense to have two sets of production machinery for slide film in two different locations, perhaps the color slide film production machinery was moved to Mortisel, Belgium after the Leverkusen factory shut down.

Hopefully Agfa Belgium will see fit later on to produce more Aviphot Chrome 200.

Now that folks can obtain Aviphot Chrome 200 slide film that works correctly and looks like good fresh film perhaps sales will increase, it is those bad lots of "yellow" film that ruined people's enthusiasm over this film.

Hopefully this thread about CR-200 will encourage certain film distributers to collect up the bad "yellow" film that is unsold and place it into the garbage recepteptacle where it belongs.

The film lots found to be "yellow" should be published so that those folks who possess the offending lot numbers can exchange the film for properly performing film, I would bet that would really boost confidence in this film.

Increases in sales of this film could encourage Agfa to produce more