I am getting a 200mm one with a tripod socket in the centre, I think the smaller 100mm movement ones only have the tripod socket at the end. I won't be using movements on this camera, this is more like a proof of concept and more like a 'point and shoot' LF camera rather than a technical one.

Just had a thought, I am currently thinking about mounting the lens as they are normally mounted to the lens board with the lens (being thin) mounted on the front of the board. This means that the focal distance is from the rear element to the film plane which is probably around 70mm (need to go and measure again).

As my lenses will barrel lenses it might be an idea to have the lens half and half in the standard lens board position - this might mean that the rear element of the lens starts say 30mm back from the lens board meaning that the lens board would need to be 100mm away and not 70mm.

It will mean that I could just use standard bellows but have the wider lenses (if 2 element barrel lenses) to be mounted slightly deeper into the lens board. I was thinking about using velcro or something to have a change of bellows depending on the lens being used.

It would mean that I could mount the normal 150mm F/L lenses to the front of the board and simply move the wider lenses slightly inside.