Hi all,

I will be shooting some paper soon with my DIY camera and DIY lens and it will be the first time I will be developing anything senstive to all light. I do my own Cyanotypes which are really simple as they are only UV sensitive and the ISO is soooo sloooow I can't really mess it up lol.

I know that Ilford make paper negative and also paper positives mainly used in pinhole it seems, I am just wondering if I should go paper positive or paper negative as my first lots of paper?

My interest in tintype got me into photography as it was a single unique photograph where no copy could be made from it. I like the idea that every tintype is unique which I am guessing also applys to paper positives.

I am just wondering if I should go with some paper negatives first, scan them and reverse them for online and also cyanotype contact print them. Or if I should go with a paper positive and just use it as is (I can still scan it in and produce a digital negative if I wanted to make a contact print to any size).