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Very interesting post,who would have thunk there is a twin out there.

I am starting to do exactly the same thing with my work, how are you storing the prints , what editions are you doing, and do you have a web site to sell the work?
I am also at a stage where I am exposing more film than I ever have and trying to keep up is a big undertaking but the experience is overwhelmingly positive.
The biggest hurdle for me is archiving the work well so at a moments notice I can find each image to show people. I have bought storage racks for home that are very sturdy and I have been till now using the grey storage boxes, but very open to hear how you plan to archive and modify my system.
I have just started and to this point have one or two AP 's of every image, but now at a stage where I want to print every free moment I have.
My wife is exactly the same way so I am really lucky to have this partner.

I would love to see some of your prints as you are doing exactly what I think each and every photographer should do, good luck over the next 10 years.
Being stubborn and hardworking are IMO the most important attributes to becoming a great printmaker.
Hi Bob!

Well, you're the printing God around here. I always follow what you have to say about printing. I don't see myself as a master printer but more as a guy that has to go through all the negs the best he can.

I'm starting to have a very impressive stash of prints and I'm at the point where storing them is problematic. For now, all I'm doing is store about 20 prints in the Black plastic bag that the paper comes in. I seal the bag with a good quality tape and I stick a Label on it ("Miami 2004", "Paris 2007" and so on). I pile up the bags in a corner of a small room I have dedicated to my prints.
My only concern is the archival quality of the Bags themselves. I hope they're ok!

My wife is very cool with my mandatory printing sessions although we have two young kids. But she knows that I am inflexible when it comes to my photography: It's a must.

Here are a few of my prints. Obviously, these are pictures of the wet prints while I squeegee'd them. They range from 20x24 to 11x14. The quality is nowehre near the prints thanks to the Neo lights and the nature of the captures/scans. I hope you like them...