Here are some photos of the build so far, I will be tidying up parts (they look slightly rough initially but ive sanded parts back and waxed them again).

Front and rear standard (front on the right, rear on the left)

There are some stops on the front standard 10mm in so that the lens board made from 10mm thick foam core fits flush.

Rear standard (back of the camera facing towards) there is a cut away for the DDS to fit in

DDS held in place with bands against cutout and pins

DDS fits flush

DDS against pins to keep film plane flat

Front and rear showing what the camera will look like without bellows - the 10mm foam core lens board is fitted flush due to the shelves in the front standard

This is the 'ground glass', this is fitted for focus in place of DDS and then slides out to put in the DDS, will have baking paper fitted on one side then spaced off 5mm as per specs on DDS for correct focus.

Progress so far

Sanded the standards and rewaxed a bit, smoothed the edges down and now looks much more presentable

I will be putting a small strip of draft excluder around the edge of the front and rear standards internally to ensure a light tight seal.

Next on the list is the bellow arrangement and cutting the hole for the lens etc I also need some 5mm foam core for the spacers on the ground glass, the interior of the camera will be sprayed black when everything is together.