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You have succesfuly inspired me to build a proper wide angle for my soon-to-be 4x5. I am going for the rapid-rectilinear design, perhaps 75mm focal length and make it fit some Copal for aperture control and proper shuttering :P
But kudos to you for making probably the world's cheapest 4x5 setup if not including various pinholes.
Awesome its more fun making your own lenses, also check out a double gauss lens as well, I will also report back on how the larger macro close up lenses are compared to the smaller ones I have currently used - might find that the larger lenses are good for a ULF camera in the future due to the larger image circle.

Wait until you see the lens I currently have parts arriving for next though, might actually need to add a support for it lol :P

With regards to the cheapness of this camera, its a light tight box with a lens at one end and some film/recording medium at another, it only gets expensive when you start correcting optical imperfections which I sometimes find more clinical when the lens is free of all optical issues. I wanted to start this project to show everyone that you don't need to spend big money to get a big negative.