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I dug out my 58mm closeup lenses and experimented today, that was fun; also messed around with the box full of odd lenses I have.
I like the rapid rectilinear for its perspective - I have never fancied fisheye-type wide angles. I have longer focal lengths covered; two 135mm lenses (one is plasmat I think and the other a Cooke triplet) and one symmetrical 150mm process lens (a supersharp one!) but I want something cheap and dirty for the rare occasions I'll be needing a wider angle.
You already have some nice LF lenses especially the Cooke triplet, I have a 1913 Ziess London lens (back when they didn't worry about the cost of materials or labour) I just like the fact that the imperfections of the non corrected lenses add something. Unless you can get an Aero Ektar its quite difficult to get a fast LF lens, although I am going to be building a 150mm f1.4 lens lol getting a wide fast LF lens is either impossible or very expensive, the 71mm lens will be f0.85 so that should do me for the amount of light I need lol :P