David said:

Originally Posted by David Lyga
... it matters MORE to be to be ABLE to create pictures than to ACTUALLY CREATE THEM.

I think I know where he is coming from.

But it is true though that it doesn't make sense if he doesn't create at least a few.

I think of the satisfaction I sometimes get from seeing a chance for a good photograph and envisioning the process. Even if I cannot take that photograph, I know that I can, and will take and make others.

As long as the potential is realized at least some times, it is very satisfying.

Contrast it with those who see what to them should be able to be made into a good photograph, but who cannot succeed in doing so, despite lots of trying. There frustration is obvious.

There is a thread here on APUG about photographs enjoyed even when not taken - I think that is the sort of thing David is talking about.