In 1988 I was 5 years old and just started Primary School. I had a Kodak Instamatic that took 126 film. If I was extremely extremely lucky my mum would let me even touch her Spotmatic and Takumars.

One day I was using it (with her very protectively hovering 5cm away) to take a landscape. I focussed at infinity then backed it off a bit. She asked me why I'd done that, and I replied that if what was in focus was between the two (f/) numbers on the focussing scale, then infinity would still be in focus and I'd get more foreground in focus.
5-year old kid, and I'd independently figured out how to use Hyperfocal (of course, I only realised a few years ago that that's what the real term was and how/why it worked).

Anyway, my Instamatic. I took it everywhere, in the 80s to Sydney and Perth and all along the Great Ocean Road, the Grampians and Flinders' Rangers, even New Zealand (my family were big into camping). Also took it to Singapore/Europe/London/LA in 1990.

One day I was in the local national park in massive fog and snapped a shot of two swans on a lake. Sent it into the local ABC weather-photos segment, it got as far as a shortlist on 20 but didn't make the final cut of 12 for their annual calendar. Best I've ever done in a competition. Still have the photo on my wall, and the camera too, even if I can't get film for it. (One day I'll find the negative and hi-res scan it and inkjet print it).